• Maya

5 Ways to Bring Guests Back to Indoor Dining

As restaurants get ready to reopen at full capacity this summer, they find themselves in charge of a job they’ve never had before: Convincing customers to feel ready for it, too. Sanitation, health and safety measures, and keeping up with new technology will all take a lot of time and effort. Still, just doing the work isn’t enough. Your guests need to feel secure before they’re ready for indoor dining.

Here are five ways you can help bring your guests back to indoor dining:

1. Keep your restaurant clean - This one is a no brainer. In order to make guests feel comfortable, your restaurant must be clean. But in today’s world, “clean” means more than just mopping the floors and taking out the trash. You need to sanitize all surfaces, including tables, chairs, doorknobs, and countertops. And don’t forget about your bathrooms!

2. Train your staff on safety protocols - Your staff is the face of your restaurant, so it’s important that they are trained on all safety protocols. This includes things like proper handwashing, wearing masks and gloves, and sanitizing all surfaces.

3. Use technology to your advantage - There are lots of new technologies available that can help you keep your restaurant clean and safe. For example, you can use UV light to sanitize surfaces, install touchless faucets and soap dispensers, and set up a contactless ordering system.

4. Keep up with the latest guidelines - The CDC and other government agencies are constantly updating their guidelines for restaurants. Make sure you’re keeping up with the latest recommendations so you can make any necessary changes to your procedures.

5. Communicate with your guests - Finally, don’t forget to communicate with your guests! Let them know what steps you’re taking to keep them safe, and reassure them that you’re doing everything you can to create a comfortable dining experience.

By following these tips, you can help bring your guests back to indoor dining with confidence.