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5 Ways eatOS Makes Restaurant Management Simple

When you’re managing a restaurant, there’s plenty to juggle: From the menu to your employees down to each individual transaction, it can be difficult to keep all of this in mind while simultaneously optimizing every aspect of operations to the fullest possible extent.

That’s why at eatOS, we developed cutting-edge Point of Sale technology designed to make running a business easier. Our system is fast, intuitive to use, takes up less physical space than onsite storage systems and runs remotely so you can stay on top of your restaurant even when you’re not on the premises. Take advantage of the future of food service with eatOS management tools.

When you sign up with us, you’ll experience the benefits of these five features, and more, almost immediately:

1. Tableside Ordering

Track table turn times and submit orders immediately with tableside ordering capabilities. Mobile devices, like tablets, can host eatOS software so customers order directly from their seats. This not only improves accuracy and gets meals out to their tables more quickly, but servers can focus on cultivating a superior customer experience instead. Visual menus make it easy to answer any questions that guests have and automatic upselling capabilities mean you never miss a chance to offer modifiers, sides or increased portions. Most of the most of every check.

2. Menu Management

Ordering isn’t the only part of business that experiences improvements with eatOS hard- and software. You can also optimize the menu to maximize revenue overall, or increase the profitability of certain dishes and promotions. Add photographs to the menu to encourage sales, schedule when promotions go live, and automatically send orders to the Kitchen Display System or applicable printers.

Inventory management goes hand in hand with an optimized menu. See the exact costs of ingredients to determine the most profitable and cost-deficient items and adjust your menu accordingly. The better you track your inventory, the better you can stay on top of reordering before you run out of ingredients and avoid costly overstocking too.

3. Safe and Secure Payment Processing

eatOS offers a variety of different payment options so your customers can always use their preferred method. The modern consumer is increasingly digital: Accept mobile, card and cash payments with EMV-enabled devices or provide pay-at-table options via tableside ordering tablets. All of this reduces errors and simplifies, as well as speeds, the transaction process overall, thus lowering the risk of theft and increasing your table turn times so you can seat more customers each day.

4. Workforce Management

An efficient restaurant can only run to the best of its ability when you have a hardworking staff to go with it. Manage your staff better than ever before when you track their activity, including when they clock in and out, their breaks, vacation times and days off so you can reduce overtime costs. Let employees clock in and out remotely from the app while geofencing capabilities simultaneously reduce timecard fraud by only allowing them to do so we’re they’re on the premises.

Payroll and scheduling is also simpler with eatOS. We’ve integrated with 7Shifts, an advanced scheduling software which makes it fast and easy to set staff schedules. Employees can also swap shifts online without managerial permission so you can focus on more important tasks. Set role permissions through eatOS to reduce theft, such as by only allowing managers to void meals; no more sneakily comping food for friends or to enjoy in the back room on break. See your performance statistics to narrow down your best and worst workers and develop a more productive staff with eatOS.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Simplify and improve every customer’s experience with the CRM features that come with our Point of Sale. Launch loyalty programs to keep better track of and incentivize return visits. Building individual customer profiles helps you form targeted marketing campaigns that increase overall revenue. Guests can also pay off outstanding bills through their account if they’ve chosen to securely link their card to their profile. All of this makes their next visit more fulfilling while giving you crucial information to form promotions and marketing campaigns that you know will resonate with your particular demographic.

Managing a restaurant is no small task. Simplify your workload and improve your overall efficiency with advanced eatOS technology and all of the smart capabilities that come with it. Automatically run and analyze sales and labor reports so you can pinpoint detriments to profit, know which service areas have the best table turns, and more. All of this helps you create a better customer experience, and make smarter budgeting and business decisions too.

At eatOS, we believe in helping restaurants like yours thrive. Build a better business with technology right from the future of food service and let eatOS simplify your managerial duties today.

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