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5 Reasons Why You Need a Kitchen Display System

It’s the least-seen part of your restaurant, but serves one of the most essential functions: The kitchen, where the real action is. Considering how big a role the back-of-house plays in your operations, it’s critical to equip them with the most cutting-edge technology to make their job run as smoothly as possible.

eatOS developed a Kitchen Display System (KDS) to help make your kitchen better. When your staff can get order information right away, they can begin cooking faster, reduce wait times, and improve overall satisfaction levels. Once you integrate KDS into your daily operations, you’ll wonder how you ever worked any other way.

1. Order Accuracy

Technology ensures that customers get exactly what they want without mistakes or long wait times. Orders on paper tickets can get lost in translation due to accidents or human error; whether because of messy handwriting, smudging, damage or simply because the ticket gets lost in the back-of-house chaos, KDS are easier to read and manage. Improve the accuracy of every order so that no customer has an underwhelming experience because of a game of telephone.

Eliminating paper tickets is better for the environment, too. Reduce your paper waste while improving your restaurant operations with KDS. When paired with other self-service devices, orders are even more accurate because they come right from the customers’ fingertips.

2. Streamline Cooking Process

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in your restaurant; the work is nonstop. KDS makes it easy to consolidate items and formalize the cooking process a little more, which helps your staff stay on task. For example, if six different customers want a side of fries, that station will be able to see it on the screen and make a big batch of fries at once. This reduces the time that customers have to wait for their orders and makes preparation less stressful for your employees, too.

3. Track Order Fulfillment

KDS track fulfillment times to give you a better idea of the speed and efficiency of your kitchen. Re-prioritize orders, separate items to their correct station and monitor how long orders take to fill so you can eliminate unnecessary delays and better streamline your overall operations. Tracking capabilities make employees’ jobs more straightforward and organized, while also resulting in happier customers.

4. Inventory Management

Auto-generated reports will analyze your data in real time to help you monitor everything that goes on in your kitchen. Track your inventory levels and order volumes, and even enable auto-alerts so you know when you’re low on any item. Never run out of supplies or let food go to waste, optimize your kitchen efficiency, and reduce pointless spending.

5. Table Turns

When your operation is streamlined to maximum efficiency, and you’ve reduced wait times thanks to automation and technology, the entire dine-in process speeds up from start to finish. This means that table turn time—how long customers spend at your establishment from ordering to payment—hastens too, so you seat more customers throughout the day and improve profits accordingly. Patrons appreciate faster service and leave more satisfied with their experience, too. With KDS, you have a better chance of making each guest a loyal one.

Real-time data, cross-channel consistency, and streamlined back of house efficiency are all made possible with KDS and other cutting-edge restaurant technology solutions. Better customer service and improved operations means that you can handle more sales, encourage greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and pad your bottom line so you have a more successful, more efficient restaurant that you can be proud of.

Kitchen Display Systems are proven to help restaurants of all sizes. Schedule a demo with eatOS today to find out what makes our KDS outshine. For any restaurant, big or small, eatOS’S KDS can help them all.


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