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5 Reasons to Trust eatOS Workforce Management Tools

Running a restaurant is a difficult and important job. From profits to customer satisfaction and everything in between, management has to handle a lot to ensure the continued health and prosperity of their small business. There’s no reason that workforce management should be another difficult task to surmount.

Restaurant technology has now advanced to a point where the best Point of Sale systems ease the work of workforce management. Gone are the days when managers spent hours pouring over sales reports and calculating individual paychecks. With eatOS, we offer unbeatable workforce management features on all of our devices so you can handle your whole staff quicker, easier and cheaper than ever.

eatOS Workforce Management Tools

Here are ​5 reasons to put your restaurant in eatOS hands.​

1. Clock-Ins and Clock-Outs

We know how busy it can get during peak hours. That’s why our superior workforce management tools include a merchant app that lets employees clock in and out right from their phones. Geo-fencing capabilities reduce time card fraud by only allowing staff members to punch the clock when they’re actually on-premises while clocking in from an app means they don’t have to struggle across a busy floor just to start their shift. They can get right to work as soon as they arrive.

Time tracking alerts help you get a better handle on your salesforce too. See when employees clock in and out in real-time, turn on notifications to make sure they don’t go into overtime or forget to take a break and know immediately when they clock out at the end of their shift. Exercise better control over your staff and watch unnecessary labor expenses drop almost immediately.

2. Scheduling

What good would workforce management be without superior scheduling features? eatOS has integrated with 7Shifts, a cutting-edge scheduling software that has revolutionized restaurant management. If you’re tired of spending hours working out shifts every week, entrust your business to eatOS and do it all with unbelievable ease. Create and change shifts, view and handle time-off requests, track absences and vacations, and more from one clean and comprehensive calendar. The speed and ease of use will naturally reduce your labor costs almost immediately.

We’re also dedicated to taking some of the stress off your considerable plate. Staff members can request time off from the app, trade shifts without managerial approval, and view their own schedule online so you spend less time micromanaging their day and more energy on building a successful restaurant business.

3. Payroll Management

Contented staff work harder and are less likely to leave. In an industry plagued with excessive turnover rates, this is important to consider which is why eatOS also integrated with Gusto so that owners like yourself can automatically calculate payroll for all of your staff members without long hours or hard struggle. Always get payroll out on time when you partner with us.

Not only do we automate grueling aspects of the payroll process but we have real-time reporting features so you can see each staff member’s productivity over time. Determine who’s a workplace superstar and who needs to turn more tables on average with a few taps of a screen. With eatOS, labor reporting and payroll management have never been simpler.

4. Analysis and Reporting

You can view, track and analyze the success of your business with our automated reporting features that work in real-time so you can make decisions with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Make the closeout process smoother by quickly calculating tips, see left open tickets, and more. View overall sales data or break it down on an individual level to better project how many employees you’ll need on any given day, shift or season. Leave under- and overstaffing worries in the past and watch revenue grow when you’re not wasting it on miscalculated labor expenses.

Management can also manually clock out an employee and adjust their timecard accordingly if they forget to do it themselves at the end of a shift. Remote access capabilities give you total control over your business. Make sure it’s running as intended anytime and from anywhere.

5. Employee Profiles

Set up and manage profiles on each of your employees. Determine permissions on an individual level so you don’t have to worry about the security of your business at any time. Can only managers void purchases? Should anybody give out discounts? Who can view your sales reports and customer data? Employees can also use these profiles to request time off or vacations while management approves or sets statuses for them from that same profile. Get all of this and more with eatOS with a few simple clicks.

Keeping your employees on the right track can be difficult to balance with the myriad other demanding jobs that come with running your own restaurant. Why make things complicated?

Book a demo with eatOS today and we’ll give you an inside look as to how our cutting-edge technologies make workforce management easier and gear productivity toward the profitability of your operations overall. Together, we can build a superior restaurant workforce.

[Main photo courtesy by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis]

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