• Maya

24/7 Point of Sale Customer Service Boosts Your Business

Many of us have experienced the worst scenarios with the POS terminal. It could be during rushing to meet a deadline, trying to get the last customer out the door, or maybe dealing with an unexpected rush of diners, and all of a sudden, the POS terminal has frozen. Or the internet has died. These worst scenarios don’t only add stress to your part as the owner and your employees but are also critical to your business as they could affect the customer service you promise to your clients. Since you don’t have 24/7 point-of-sale customer service, you realize you are not lucky.

Many POS vendors give promises that are often far from reality. The simple truth is that your current POS system may not have the best support options to prevent situations like this. Always remember that lapses in support availability will cost you money and time and can endanger your reputation badly. The great news is that there is a simple solution to this problem.

A modern POS solution that includes 24/7 support as part of your overall package is the best way to ensure business continuity and that your customers experience no service interruptions. While you may not be sold on replacing or upgrading your current POS system just yet, some key benefits can be gained. The initial cost will quickly be offset by efficiency, productivity gains, and critical areas of customer service.

Point of Sale Customer Service Enhances the Customer Experience

The competition nowadays is not just of menu, prices, and ambiance. It is more on customer service satisfaction. Giving your customers what they need with minimal delay is critical in today’s on-demand society. Moreover, Staff needs to rapidly conduct product look-ups against your existing inventory or your suppliers while maintaining the ability to access a customer’s purchasing history, to keep the customer happily moving through your aisles.

Furthermore, Restaurants need to be able to get payments processed accurately and as quickly as possible so that the customer will not wait for a long time. Diners need to be informed of menu items that are not in stock. Your kitchen crew needs to see orders as they come in to ensure meeting the customer’s demand for impeccable accuracy when orders are brought to the table. Maintaining access to the customer’s preferences via your POS solution helps restaurateurs continue to provide a well-designed dining experience.

Accomplishing and executing a well-designed customer experience plan relies on a properly performing POS system. When issues develop within your POS solution, small business owners must have 24/7 point-of-sale customer service in place so that Staff can continue to provide the customer with everything they need upon request. Remember that free POS systems seldom include customer service in their plans. Dashing customers’ expectations by watering down their experience with you are mistaken for your brand and reputation. Still, it severely impacts overall flexibility in growing your business.

Having Someone There 24/7 Increases Flexibility

Another critical point of flexibility is adjusting your hours according to your customer’s schedules. Enable to balance limited support hours, the customer’s expectations of when they can visit your location, and the hours that work for you and your staffing, which can amount to simply guessing. You may have been lucky to this point, but the law of averages indicates that you will experience an outage at a very inconvenient time. Not only does this harm your reputation, but it also limits your ability to expand hours or even launch additional locations. In the end, this only leaves you with a brand image that is stagnant and unappealing.

Around the Clock Point of Sale Customer Service for Omni-Channel Businesses

Restaurants and food-focused businesses can also take advantage of the omnichannel business model. Cafes can gain an edge by taking pre-orders for morning lattes, ensuring a fast and easy stop for your commuting clientele. QSRs can leverage online delivery services to provide late-night delivery options or allow businesses to pre-order lunch meeting spreads days in advance. Of course, none of this is possible without having an intelligent POS solution integrated into the flow of your business, and all are prone to failure without a 24/7 support presence.

Driving Success by Your Point of Sale Customer Service Options

To advance to the competition in a digital world requires looking at all areas of your operations. In addition, it will enable you to find ways to improve. Looking at your POS solution is a significant first step, but only if your current or future POS vendor can back it up with around-the-clock support options. In addition, it would help if you were fully functional and fast when a problem arises.

Taking control of your business will take a high level of technical expertise. While you can attempt to gain this on your own, engaging with a trusted third party is more economical and efficient. They must work with you as a partner and be a mentoring presence for your business. The solution and advice they give will leave you feeling confident in not just the solution they implement but in your ability to look towards the future.